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My Folks Went To Mexico and All I Got Was This Lousy Severed Head

The Bizzy Life just returned from a vacation to South of the Border.  Before we left, our friends and family would ask in amazement….”You’re going to Mexico? Aren’t you afraid of” (pick one or two) –

  • Being kidnapped by a drug gang and held for ransom.
  • Being decapitated and having your head put on a stick while angry villagers throw salsa at it.
  • Having your hands chopped off with a machete.
  • Being mowed down by random automatic weapon fire.
  • Being detained by corrupt policemen in a filthy jail, only to be gang raped by the entire squad while they guzzle cheap tequila and scream “banga de Gringo”! 

I’m happy to report that none of the above occurred.  OK, there was one incident in a filthy police station, but that was actually kinda fun.  Seriously, I have probably visited Mexico at least a dozen times, and I am happy to report that this was the best trip I have ever experienced.  Since we did not visit border towns, we saw no hint of the terrible violence the news is so happy to report.  Given the economic client and the constant barrage of bad news about Mexico, we practically had the entire country to ourselves.  The Peso is trading at around 15 to the dollar – versus 10 to the dollar a year ago – so Mexico is once again inexpensive.  You can drink the water in most of the hotels. The locals are thrilled to have us visit, so the service was incredible.  It’s a great time to go South.

In future posts I will offer some specific advice about where to visit, as we discovered a few incredible places.  But in the meantime, feel free to ignore the news and consider a trip to Mexico.

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