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What I Learned From Frank Sinatra

I wish I could say that Frank Sinatra taught me how to sing, proper Rat Pack etiquette, the ideal way to mix martinnis, or the fine art of partying with starletts until the sun comes up.

But I did learn one interesting little tip from him that bizzy people might appreciate.  According to one report I read, Sinatra had six homes, and he had every house keyed alike so he only needed to carry one key with him at all times.  While this approach might lessen security a bit, it is really convenient.  I hate carrying keys.   Inevitably people acquire keys that they carry around but forget what they unlock.  It is frustrating; staring at that little piece of metal that you are tempted to throw away, but fear that someday you will really need. Keys are heavy and make a nicely cut suit look lumpy. Something I am sure Sinatra knew, as he always made a suit look great.

I don’t have six homes, but I do have more than one, and I recently took Sinatra’s advice and had them keyed alike.  Next time we have a locksmith in the office I intend to also key my office the same way.  My key ring is shrinking and at some point I look forward to owning a single key.  Opening doors Sinatra-style.

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