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Do Cats Enjoy Child Pornography?

Here’s one of the best excuses since “the dog ate my homework”. Keith Griffin of Jensen Beach, Florida was accused of ten counts of possessing child pornography after police found over 1000 illegal images on his home computer.

Jensen had a very logical explanation. He said that while he was downloading music he left the room, and his cat jumped up on the keyboard and somehow downloaded the pornography.

Shocking stuff, and a lesson to us all. We must keep an eye on our pets when they are around our computers. The other day I walked into my office, only to discover that my dog Lemon had taken my American Express Card and was deeply immersed in an online poker game. I went to stop her and log off, but discovered she was up $3000, so I let her finish the game.

OK, so I made up the part about my dog playing online poker. But Keith Griffin….. unfortunately he and his porno-loving cat are real. He is currently being held on $250,000 bail in the Martin County Jail. No word on what happened to his kinky cat.

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  1. Elena says:

    Damn…I hope Lemon gets to keep the winnings and go shopping! I’ll volunteer to tote her around.

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