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The Power Of The Pen

Want to improve your relationships with clients, friends, and families? Here’s a tip. Go “old school”, forget about e mail, and occasionally send people hand-written notes.

Unfortunately society has stripped communication to its lowest possible denominator. We are so busy that we can’t even take the time to write complete words; instead we text bizarre short hands. We send hundreds of e mails and copy thousands of people just because we can. And as a result words become less impactful.

So if you want to stand out, take five extra minutes, jot down a few kind words in a card or letter, and snail mail it. I guarantee you it will stand out amid all the fast and frequently fake communication we all receive on a daily basis.

And here are a few ways to make it really special. Invest in some nice embossed note cards. Brush up on your penmanship and buy a nice rolling black pen – or make it really interesting and get a fountain pen. Infuse a little art into your communication. People will appreciate the effort, and you might be surprised at the results.

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