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Here’s Something We Should Really Worry About. How Stupid Is America?

Not to be unpatriotic, but America has been looking particularly stupid lately. Perhaps it is due to our non-stop diet of faux-news, or too much mercury in our diets, but as a society we are so angry and misinformed that we are missing some of the really important developments that are occurring around us. Here is one fact that I think we should all be really concerned about –

For the first time in the history of the United States we are producing a generation that is less educated than the last generation.

Well, perhaps we are becoming more stupid, and we are passing the stupidity down to future generations. From an educational perspective, including the percentage of our population that graduates from college, we have been slipping, and we are now a tier-two country. Our fear of taxes and big government has caused a shift away from funding towards education. American society is simply unwilling to pay to educate our population. This has dire consequences for the future of the United States. Educated populations build successful, healthy, affluent societies. America has traditionally led the world with great educational institutions, and core values that stressed the importance of education. We have a great history of ancestors that worked hard to make sure their children were better educated than they were. We should all fear a future where education is no longer valued.

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