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Bah Humbug Weasel Of The Month

Shawn Krieger of Toledo, Ohio was arrested for shoving a Salvation Army bell ringer down to the ground, yelling “I can’t stand you and your bell ringing. I hate Christmas.” Krieger then grabbed the Salvation Army pot which contained several hundred dollars, and while the bell ringer gave chase ran to a stolen pickup truck and sped away. Police arrested Krieger the next day, but they have not recovered the money.

Shawn, mellow out! Personally, I hate the guy who dresses like a cowboy and plays air guitar in front of Little Caesar’s Pizza. I really hate it when he waves that big orange foam hand at me when I drive by, trying anything to get me to pull in and buy a $5.00 pizza. But I won’t run him over and steal his air guitar or shove the big foam hand into his mouth. We all need to exercise a little self-control and try to get along. Enjoy the season!

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