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How To Find Job Security

Despite the rosy stock market, these are still tense times in the workplace. Unemployment is high, good jobs are hard to come by. So coming from someone who has hired and fired a lot of people, here are a few simple hints to hold onto your job:

1. Do the dirty work. Nobody enjoys taking difficult client calls, collecting money from past due accounts, firing people, and performing the other awful duties that are a day-to-day function of business. But if you are not capable of doing the tough jobs then you might be looking for a job. When I have to perform functions that fall under someone else’s job description it causes me to question that individual’s value to the company. The people that can perform in an organization in tough times as well as good times have the most job security.

2. Hire up. This might seem counterintuitive, but if you are a manager one way to find job security is to hire people smarter than you. Many managers do not do this, preferring to hire much less qualified candidates so they always look good in comparison. But be assured the boss notices when you staff your department with less qualified candidates, And building a great staff below you frees you for a promotion.

3. Adopt the “everything is my job” mantra. If you work for a company your ultimate job is to do everything in your power to make the company successful. The “that’s not my job” attitude isn’t acceptable in this economy. The boss notices people that take initiative to help the company cut costs, raise profits, streamline processes, and generally promote a better work environment.

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