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Surviving the Agency Review

If you are in the advertising business – or many other industries dominated by large clients – there is nothing worse than having your account put up for review – especially if you were under the impression your relationship was solid and wonderful.

I’ve taken the liberty of reprinting an excerpt from today’s AdAge.com, written by James P. Othmer, and┬átaken from his book Adland, that I think adequately describes the emotion of the review:

Excerpt from Adland

Being put up for review is akin to having your spouse announce in front of everyone you know that he or she no longer loves you and for the next several months he or she will be seeing other people — dozens of smarter, younger, cooler people, many of whom, by the way, you know quite well — and then having all sorts of kinky, experimental sex with the most interesting and promising of them, probably no more than six, often doing many of the things that you may have once suggested but were never allowed to.

Sometimes during this process your spouse will describe his or her ongoing antics in excruciating detail for you. Sometimes you’ll simply read a steamy, anonymous, insider’s account of it in the press. And then, after up to six months of this, six months of holding your tongue and continuing to do all of the dishes and dirty laundry and seeing to the upkeep of the home you once shared, the children that mean so much to you, you will finally get your chance to say — after I’ve given you every ounce of my energy and passion for the last xx years, after trying to rekindle better times with romantic weekends and couple’s counseling, after he or she has slept or flirted with just about every one of your friends and neighbors, not to mention several total strangers — “Here’s how I’ve changed, sweetheart, here’s why and the extent to which I’m willing to publicly humiliate myself to win you back.”
At that point, if you were the client (or spouse) would you want to take you back?

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