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Weasel Of The Month – Pat Robertson

The Dark Lord of the religious right, Pat Robertson, sunk to new lows this week,  and also gave us a glimpse into his evil black heart, when he self-rightously claimed the devastating earthquake in Haiti was a result of the country’s “pact with Satan”.

Though I am certainly no expert on Christianity, I seriously doubt that Jesus would look at a disaster that left tens of thousands dead and in misery and happily proclaim “you guys had it coming”.

But isn’t that the problem with any kind of religious fundamentalism.  Finding a purpose and spirituality in life is a good thing.  But any group that feels they are God’s chosen ones and everyone else should go straight to hell is really an enemy of spirituality.   I much prefer the people from any religious persuasion the believe “God is Love”, as opposed to those that think religious affiliation is some kind of path to moral superiority.

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