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A Good Reason For A Little Optimism – The Hydrogen-Powered House

Scientists at MIT are close to perfecting the hydrogen-powered house. Since I have no real talent for science I am incapable of giving you the technical overview, but here is the layman’s explanation. They have developed a mini-hydrogen power station that would replace your current household power supply. It would utilize some solar power to produce the small amount of electricity needed to combine with water to create a hydrogen power plant. No more fossil fuels needed. No more pumping pollutants into the atmosphere. The only output is water. And this hydrogen power plant  in your house could also be used to fill up your hydrogen-powered car someday, eliminating our other nagging fossil fuel drain, and the need to  build a huge hydrogen punping station infrastructure.

According to MIT, the technology works now, and would be practical and cost-efficient for wide distribution within ten years. Honda is currently testing hydrogen-powered cars on a relatively large scale in California, so the automotive technology should exist within that time frame.

This means that in a decade or so you could be living in a home that has no power bills and creates no pollution, and driving a car that doesn’t require stopping at gas stations, and instead of exhaust emits water from its tailpipe.

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