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I stayed at my first Aman Hotel about fifteen years ago (http://www.amanresorts.com).  We were travelling in Asia, and a friend recommended we try the new Aman resort in Phuket, Thailand.  It was a unique and wonderful experience, and since then I stay at Aman’s whenever I can.  Every property is different and unique.  The resorts are romantic, small, and luxurious, filled with wonderful local art, and always have an incredible restaurant and spa.  The experience is more akin to staying at a rich friend’s luxurous mansion.   The staff will know you by name and personalize the visit to fit your tastes.   All the rooms are suites or bungalows, and you never need to worry about getting a bad room. You are never presented with a check – they know who you are and bill your account.  You won’t find locations in big cities. The resorts are typically in remote and facinating places that beg to be explored.  When you arrive at an Aman, you tend to stay there as much as possible and enjoy the place.  Most of their properties are located in Asia, but they opened their first American property a few years ago in Jackson Hotel, and a few months ago they opened a property in Utah which we will be visiting in  a few weeks.

We stayed at the Jackson property last summer, and it was a typically wonderful Aman experience.  Perched on a hill outside Jackson Hole, it had a breathtaking view of the entire valley.  From the moment they picked us up at the airport in a new BMW 4 wheel drive, it was an incredible experience.

Of course, all this comes at a price, and be prepared for some sticker shock.  But when you compare to Four Seasons and other five star hotels, it is right in range.

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