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Another Great Way To Save Money With Your iPhone – The Skype Ap

A few months ago I was lucky enough to find myself in an isolated resort in Mexico. Unfortunately I had to make an urgent phone call. There was no cell phone service, the land line service was poor at best, and I did not have an international calling card. However, the resort did have broadband service, and since I had my trusty iPhone equipped with the Skype AP, I was able to easily call the USA using my cell phone.

Last weekend I was at another remote hotel in the Utah desert. Again there was no cell phone service, and the outrageous charge to use the hotel phone – $5.00 for the first minute, $1.00 per minute after that. Again I used my trusty Skype-equipped iPhone to make the call, spoke for over a half hour on the phone for a cost of about fifty cents, and saved over $30.00.

Download the free Skype AP to your phone, and you can call any other Skype phone for free. To call non-Skype phones, just go online and “charge your account” in $10 increments. You use your phone just like you would when making a cell phone call – except you initiate the call through your Skype AP. You can even use your contact file from the phone to make Skype calls. The quality is pretty good, and when you find yourself in a situation where there is no cell service but you do have a broadband connection it is a life and money saver, especially if you are travelling internationally.

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