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How To Find Your Parked Car

Ever had that uncomfortable feeling when you return from a long trip and you can’t remember where you parked your car in the massive airport parking lot? Or ditto that feeling when you go to the mall and head out into acres of autos to locate yours? Well, there are all kinds of new wonderful cell phone aps and technologies to help you locate things, including your vehicle, but here is my somewhat lower tech solution. I use my iPhone camera to take a picture of the parking lot sign as I am rushing to my flight or store.  The lots are usually well-marked, and if possible I like to park right under the sign and take a photo of my car so I know it is in 4F – or Red Lot 20.  If you are in a huge lot with bus stands snap a photo of the stand. In a mall I might make the shot wider so I know I have to come out the main Nordstrom’s entrance – or wherever I might be.  Then I just need to check my camera roll  – and often the photo also reminds me of the lot layout so I can find my car even faster.

Another advantage of the photo – if taken correctly you have a shot of the cars parked around you – and their license numbers –  in case you come home to a side-swipped car.

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