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Will My Cell Phone Give Me Cancer? And How Corrupt Are Those Assigned To Protect Us?

After many years of discussion, most of us have assumed that science has finally concluded that talking on cell phones is not dangerous and will not give us brain cancer.  That was all just an urban myth, wasn’t it?  After all, the government wouldn’t allow the rapid expansion of cell phone use if they could potentially harm us, would they?  My iPhone couldn’t be both incredibly entertaining and dangerous, could it?  Certainly our politicians are constantly vigilant, making sure that major corporations wouldn’t put profit in front of consumer safety.

Hmmm. Well, maybe the fact that our oceans are filling with oil because those assigned to protect us were snorting coke and doing the nasty with the oil industry should cause us to reconsider the commitment of our government to consumer safety.  The fact that we are in a massive recession-0n-the-verge-of-depression because we allowed big banks free reign to do anything they want might be a warning about being watchful. Perhaps all of us have to exercise a little of our own vigilance in case there is corruption in the ranks; just in case TMobile and Verizon are hosting crack and sex parties for ranking members of the FCC.

So I don’t want to spread fear and rumors, but…..  I could not help but notice that lately there are a lot of questions about cell phone safety being publicized.  In a recent article on the subject, a reporter for GQ revealed the following:

75% of studies undertaken by independent researchers have determined there is a correlation between cell phone use and serious health risk.

However, in studies financed by the cell phone industry, only 25% of studies found cell phones to be harmful.  These are the studies that most government officials choose to utilize.

So, depending who financed the study, there is somewhere between in a one in four to a three out of four chance that yakking incestantly on your phone might ultimately result in you getting chemo pumped into your brain to get rid of that pesky tumor.  Somehow those odds are a little alarming to me.  OK, I might have been really irritated the other night when the guy at the table next to me in the restaurant talked loudly on his cell phone during dinner, but I really did not wish cancer on him.

I am not a big cell phone talker, but I do spend a lot of my day with my iPhone clipped to my belt so I have easy access to my music and a variety of Aps I use, and it occured to me that having a microwave receiver a few inches from one of my favorite and most useful parts of my body might not be a good idea.

And perhaps the bigger issue that disturbs me (and not to sound like an anti-government wacko), but I really don’t trust that those paid from our tax dollars really have our best interests at heart. 

We have to all understand and accept that big corporations are soul-less.  They live to profit without any consideration for our and our planet’s general health. They are not people; they are bank accounts and financial infrastructure.  They are not incentivized to be publically responsible, unless there is profit in that position. And they particularly thrive during periods of deregulation. They can buy politicians and bureacrats, and sway public opinion by massively manipulating the media, and that is precisely why we need strong regulations to control many industries that can have major impact on the health of society and our planet.

So if there is somewhere between a 25% and a 75% chance that cell phones could lead to major health issues down the road, I want to make sure that there is an unbiased public agency protecting us,  just as I am willing to pay taxes to make sure experts are minding the corporate hen house when it comes to protecting our environment, our food supply, our transportation system, and all the other integral aspects of society.

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  1. Joe Bradford says:

    I just recently under-went a 5 hour surgery for colon cancer reconstructive, and bowl reconstructive, is it a coincidence the the Cancer mass was found attached to and penetrated my colon was in the exact place where my cell phone was worn by myself for the last 11.5 years the incision and placement where I wore my phone are identical

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