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Give The Enemies Guns – Not Ping Pong Tables?

Today the US Government announced its intention to sell the Saudi Arabians $60 billion dollars worth of weapons, including 84 F-15 jet fighters, helicopters, and other gear that would translate into one of the biggest arms sales in history.  It is anticipated the sale will easily clear any Congressional hurdles, at is intended to counter potential military threats from Iran.

Ah, the weird, wonderful, and ever-changing world of politics.  So we are doing one of the biggest arms deals in history with the country that hatched fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 terrorists that attacked our country. Yes – almost 80% of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, a country that also has a dismal civil rights record and is certainly no bastion of Middle-East democracy.

But they will promise to keep the wacky Iranians at bay with the weapons we provide (and perhaps use them on their own pesky dissidents).  It’s interesting to note that while the Iranians talk a tough game, none of them were among the terrorists that attacked us.  Perhaps there was no room because the Saudis filled all the available slots.

And in this country we are much more concerned with the attempt to build a Muslim community center in an old building a few blocks from the site of the World Trade Center.  The people that share some of the tenets of the evil-doer’s religion want to build a place for prayer and community-gatherings, with ping pong tables and a swimming pool, and we need to stop them!

Here’s an idea.  What is we extend our international policies domestically? What if we were to arm all the gangs in downtown New York in exchange for them driving away all the Muslims that want to come to the community center?  Lets go to the drug dealers, The Bloods, The Crips, the Eastern European street gangs, and arm them to the teeth!  Make it so dangerous that nobody will ever come to the community center.  It’s a solution that would make sense to our politicians, and the military -industrial complex that supports them.

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