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Apple TV – Oh My!

As a lawyer in a major firm, I have been wed my whole career to Microsoft technology.  My only intersection with the “Apple” world has been my iPod. 

A few years ago, while vacationing with friends at their ranch in California, I saw the original version of “Apple TV.”  It was fascinating and reasonably useful.  It stored my friend’s music and, when on and playing music, displayed a fascinating a 3D-like montage of the album covers of the music it was playing.  It also had the ability to buy, download and play movies.  At the time, its cost was slightly more than $200.

A few months ago, Apple released its new Apple TV.  It is $99, a bit bigger than a package of cigarettes, operates wirelessly from your wireless network and does much more than the original version (and does everything better).  We have downloaded our entire photo inventory to it and set it to randomly bring up our photos (in various formats) as a screensaver.  In addition, we have loaded our thousands of mp3 files which it plays and searches flawlessly.  It still has the album cover feature.

Most importantly, you can now wirelessly download (over the web) NetFlix through Apple TV.  Even if you have only the basic NetFlix service, this means that you can download and watch as many movies in a day, week or month as you have appetite for.  You can also buy movies and tv episodes thru iTunes.  All are in HD.

Apple TV is a “winner.”  The price point is unbelievable.  Perhaps more importantly to technological luddites like me, it installs simply, quickly and works the first time.

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