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Dancing With The Palins! How ABC Ruined Dancing With The Stars.

The programming and marketing geniuses at ABC have managed to turn an interesting and popular show focused on the dancing ability of stars into a rigged political referendum.  Bristol Palin, who can dance about as well as me (and has a similar physique), has survived round after round of cuts of extraordinarily talented people because the Tea Party and its ilk have flooded the phone lines with votes for her.  What a shame! She wins not because of her talent, but because of the political inclinations of her mother. 

ABC should have its collective corporate mind examined for having her on the show in the first place and allowing this travesty to continue.  Thanks to Tivo, Apple TV and NetFlix, I am going to fill my New Year’s resolution early: no more network TV.  Its pandering to ratings, its reality show content and its decline from the great broadcasting institution it once was, has made me, for one, say enough!

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2 Responses to Dancing With The Palins! How ABC Ruined Dancing With The Stars.

  1. I gave DWTS one more chance after they robbed Mya last season. However, after robbing Brandy, I’m boycotting DWTS. This is way too obvious. I wouldn’t doubt it, if Bristol wins the trophy. No more chances from me.

  2. don cardinal says:

    I find this quite interisting. I have never watched dancing with the stars .Do you really think the right wing conspiracy has made it this far……….

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