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FBI Thwarts Its Own Plot

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization has shown that when you pair an impressionable teenager with a positive role model, good things happen. http://www.bbbs.org/site/c.9iILI3NGKhK6F/b.5961035/k.A153/Big_impact8212proven_results.htm

The FBI affidavit in the Oregon Bomb Plot case proves the reverse. So forgive me for not applauding the FBI for thwarting its own plot.

How did the FBI thwart the plot to bomb people during Portland’s tree lighting ceremony?  The same way that House, M.D. solves the mystery of unusual disease: it wrote the script. 

The FBI affidavit – (http://media.oregonlive.com/portland_impact/other/USAFFIDAVIT.pdf) details what Mohamed Mohamud did wrong.  He e-mailed someone in Pakistan.  The last E-mail was on December 3, 2009. It was from a guy overseas who said “if you wanna come [to OMRA], theres a bro that will contact you. . .”   The agent opined that this probably was code to prepare for jihad in Pakistan and not to visit OMRA, a sacred Muslim site near Mecca.    

Mohamud never connected with the “bro,” but mentioned in an E-mail to a friend in January, 2010 that he hoped to be a “martyr in the highest chambers of paradise.”  That’s it.  That’s all this teenager did.  Shoot, if I were given a choice between Hell or Paradise — a place of lofty mansions, delicious food and drink, and available virgins — I know what I’d select.

But the FBI kept monitoring Mohamud.  Apparently, he said or did nothing improper in the following months.  In June, 2010, officials prevented Mohamud from flying to Kodiak Alaska, (not known as a jihad center).  Mohamud said he had a fishing job.  He admitted the previous E-mail.

So now, the FBI had worked on this “case” for about a year and had NOTHING, except a pissed off college kid who could not spend his summer in Alaska.  Nine days later, the FBI began its efforts to protect us from this would-be fisherman. It gained the confidence of the teenager (conned him) and worked with him to plot and execute the bombing.  The FBI made jihad convenient, meeting Mohamud in Corvallis, Oregon, 84 miles away on one occasion and giving him a ride from Corvallis to Portland on another occasion.

Perhaps another approach would have been offer the kid kindness and counseling and some way to self-actualize other than jihad.

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2 Responses to FBI Thwarts Its Own Plot

  1. Scott says:


    This is the reason I left PDX. The guy has a screw loose and all I hear are reasons as to why he just needed a hug. Just like the same idiot in Dallas who didn’t want earplugs so he could hear the explosion better. Sure the FBI, helped him out, but he was on his way to bad things already. The feds just got him there faster with no loss of life. Had he been able to do something, the same group who is now defending him would be all over the fed’s case as to why they didn’t do anything. Hypocrisy at it finest from the those that live NE PDX. My advice is to hit the Lucky Lab and be thankful he was incompetent at best.

  2. jeff says:


    I’ll admit that some of the folks in Portland are too liberal for me. But if you read the FBI affidavit, I’m not so sure that this guy was really on his way to bad things. Maybe more info will come out, and I will change my mind. But the mild and general statement he made followed by 6 months of nothing. . .

    I’ve heard more threatening statements by men against Obama recently and against Bush in the past. If the FBI manipulated some of those folks, they’d be in jail, too.

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