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One Response to Is Groupon A Bad Deal?

  1. Matthew Stroh says:

    I just had a chat with some people who work at a Thai restaurant in downtown Portland whose Groupon just expired this past weekend. Because of the masses of people who swooped in to use their soon-to-be-useless Groupons, the business couldn’t quite keep up with the demand (while delivering the same quality). The wait for a table, the food and the check became long – some even complained about the quality of the food because of timing. This is terribly unfortunate as I believe this place to be one of the best Thai places in town and now there is an entire crop of procrastinators who think the establishment isn’t up to snuff.

    I wonder how much it would have helped them to schedule the expiration date for a Wednesday instead of a Saturday.

    Ultimately, I think they’re going to be fine. I have a feeling that a bulk of the people used their Groupons within the appropriate time-frame and all was not lost.

    I bought two of their Groupons when they came out and used them a couple months ago for take-out orders without any problems…except one: They were surprised that I wanted to tip them. When I took a few dollars out of my pocket they said “No, no, no. You’re all set.” even though the disclaimer noted that the price didn’t include gratuity. This happened twice – and lets me know that a ton of people weren’t tipping them while using their Groupons, which means that they’re missing out on more than just their standard fare.

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