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Should Loaded People Carry Loaded Handguns?

This week, Oregon’s court of appeals decided whether a sheriff may look at the medical marijuana database to check on someone who applied for a concealed handgun permit.   

In the abstract, if a person lives on a big ranch in a county where cows outnumber people, maybe I don’t care.  Smoking pot and playing with guns is probably better than getting drunk with your guns or using meth  and playing “spin the gun.” 

On the other hand, a concealed handgun license means you want to carry a loaded gun around people.  It means if you get spooked, you can pull out your Glock and fire 13 rounds before you even realize that you misinterpreted the other guy’s comment. 

The court held that the law controlling access to the medical marijuana database prohibited the sheriff’s look-see.  Although, generally, I’m all for privacy, I think Oregon might consider amending its law to let the sheriff at least check the database and then determine whether the applicant is really a paranoid cancer patient or a paranoid drug dealer.

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  1. Judi Stewart says:

    The Handgun Kicker…
    I am a sensible, 60 something, pretty much educated, intelligent and sophisticated woman who has never fired a gun in her life except for a period in my pre-teens with a BB gun, shooting tadpoles in a pond in a neighborhood woods, when I was 12 years old (which probably had something to do with wanting to impress the neighborhood boys). Oh, and one time in a “Big Hunt” video game at a local tavern with a very dear friend (and I did beat him, by the way – but that is irrelevant).

    Because my husband has a few guns in our two homes for protection (he was in the Army and he knows guns), and because I am sometimes alone when he travels without me, it made sense for me to become familiar with them.

    I signed up for and took a 3 hour gun safety class at our local community college, thinking I would learn how to handle a gun, fire a gun and really understand how to use it.

    Surprise, surprise…the class was about handgun safety but was also about what to do to avoid the legal repercussions of using a gun – and I never even touched a gun at the class.

    I “graduated” with a certificate…I am now certified as having successfully completed “A Course of Instruction in HANDGUN SAFETY”.

    And here’s the KICKER – I have now fulfilled the requirements to get a concealed weapons permit in our state and carry a loaded gun at all times.

    How scary is that!!!

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