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Is Lululemon Good For Your Marriage?

Dr. Phil recently said (and I’m paraphrasing) we married folk should not spend too much time in our sweat pants, its disrespectful to your spouse!  I took this advice to heart and decided to search for the best fitting, sexy comfort wear in existence.  I found it!  Aside from my love of the name “Lululemon” (it reminds me of my beloved yellow Lab Lemon), I find this company to make the best Yoga/Pilates gear on the market.  As a woman in my forties, I’ve crossed over into wearing yoga gear in most of my leisure time, and I decided I should have the best of both worlds.  I should look good and be extremely comfortable, plus I’m always prepared for a last minute hike or yoga workout!  

I discovered Lululemon two years ago while shopping at the Whole Foods in downtown Portland as it is located right across the street.  Now, I find Lululemon in fashionable shopping districts everywhere, and I can’t resist, I have to drop in.  The stores are smartly appointed with hardwood floors, colorful clothing, expertly merchandised product and beautifully fit and friendly sales women of all ages.   Everyone always seems so happy in a Lululemon store!

What I like best is the quality of the fabrics and the design of the fit.  The stretchy pants come in different styles, each designed for different body types.   I prefer the “Astro Pant, “because it makes my backside look smaller and more compact than it really is.   Every time I wear them my girl friends ask; “have you lost weight?” “Hell yes!” I reply.  Why not take the undeserved compliment? 

At Lululemon, they will also hem any pant you buy for free (rare for workout clothes).   I also love the zip-up “Define” jackets, they come in many different colors and patterns and they can be worn with jeans and stretchy pants alike.    The “Run: Swiftly Tech” shirts are made from a wonder fabric that keeps your skin dry during a sweaty workout, but also looks great under a jacket and with jeans.

Lululemon is also a brand statement.  On airplanes, in line at the grocery store, at the Spa & everywhere stylish women will ask; “Is that Lululemon? I just love it!” They gush.

My husband likes Lululemon gear for men too!  He now wears their men’s yoga pants (that aren’t as fitted as women’s’ version, but still made of the great malleable fabric).  And most importantly they make his butt look good too!

Lastly, Lululemon does free yoga classes on weekend mornings, hence the cool hard wood floors.  Take a peak!

Post script.  A few weeks after writing this blog entry my husband informs me that Lululemon stock has gone through the roof!  I guess Lululemon is good for your stock portfolio too.

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