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The Power Of The Handwritten Note

 We live in an age in which almost all of our communications are via telephone (usually of the cell variety), voice mail, email, Facebook and Twitter postings and other electronic exchanges.  As electronic communications have grown explosively, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon; a crisp pen written note which arrives in the mail is a special delight.  It connotes a caring and thoughtful attitude and some effort on the part of the sender.

As a result, I have reverted to this low-tech form of communication in reaching out to people who are important in both my personal and professional life.  Via the internet of course, I ordered crisp and somewhat elegant vellum envelopes and personalized note cards on which I frequently jot a few sentences when I need to “touch” someone in my life.  I have discovered that this effort is very much appreciated by my clients and friends.  I strongly commend the practice to you.  A few words jotted in pen in longhand are a powerful and effective way to send condolences, congratulations or just a note to reconnect.

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  1. Matthew Stroh says:

    It has always been interesting to me that as technology progresses effort diminishes (which is the whole point of technology) but with those incredible benefits, some things like heart and meaningfulness go out the window. I wonder if the first guy to receive a hand-written letter thought “Why didn’t he just come talk to me?

    This certainly must have happened when typewriting became popular. “What, he couldn’t pick up a pen?

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