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Going Postal

It’s Saturday, rainy, and 40 degrees, yet I bundle up and walk down my steep drive to fetch the mail. I’ll admit it – I am obsessed with getting the mail each day. The anticipation that someone might actually send me a letter or that I’ll receive a check or a present beckons, but 99% of the time I come up empty and get nothing more than an assortment of junk mail.

So do you ever wonder why we still get mail 6 times a week? In the age of Fed Ex, UPS, email, e-books, streaming Netflix, online banking, and instant access to the world, why in God’s name does the Federal Government still provide this service so often? A quick fact check on the U.S. Postal Service web site shows that it lost $3.8 billion last year and losses are expected to continue. It seems that with an annual Federal budget deficit in excess of one trillion dollars that this may be an opportunity to save some serious dough. There is a plan in place to eventually eliminate Saturday delivery, but I say why not eliminate all but 3 days and cut the cost by 50%? At least that way I will only get wet and disappointed half as much.

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  1. Don says:

    Good point ray…..the post office is turning into another government hack job…….trying to keep people working……at a 50% efficiency rate……….

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