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How Is McDonalds New Oatmeal Like Fox News?

McDonalds’ new oatmeal product, touted as wholesome and nutritious, turns out to have nearly as many calories as a cheeseburger (290), unless you specially request the deletion of the included brown sugar. It also has 21 ingredients, many of which you do not have or use at home when you make oatmeal with one ingredient (oats).

McDonalds must share their advertising and PR resources with Fox news of “Fair and Balanced” fame. Fox is owned by News Corp, whose president Roger Ailes is reported by the New York Times:


to have urged Judith Regan to lie in a federal investigation of former New York Police chief Bernard Kerik’s appointment to head Homeland Security. The alleged reason for Ailes’ purported suborning of perjury was to protect the Presidential candidacy of Rudy Giuliani. Fox news initially failed to issue any “Fair and Balanced” comment on the story.

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