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QR Codes

You might have noticed something that looks like a black blob in a magazine ad or in a catalog?  Google employees have them on their business cards, and Ebay recently wrapped entire buses with them in San Francisco.  Sears is even using them in their television commercials.  It’s called a QR code, and I suspect that within a few months you will begin seeing them everywhere.

It’s a really simple concept to get you to a website without having to enter a URL. Equip your smart phone with a free QR code reader ap (just put “QR code” in your Ap search engine and you will find the free ap), point it at the code, and your smart phone will be taken to the associated website.

Want a QR code for your very own?  It’s easy and free.  Just go to a QR code generator – http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ – put in the URL you want to create a code for – and in seconds you have your own QR code.  Below is the QR code for The Bizzy Life that I created in seconds.

So why would you need a QR code? Well, for advertisers it is an incredible way to get you to a very specific website, perhaps to sell you a product or convince you to buy, or even to lead you to the nearest retail location.  It eliminates incorrectly entered URLs, and allows specific tracking based on the ad.  You could but a sticker on a product with a QR code to lead people to a site where they would find owners manuals or perhaps order accessories or spare parts.  The options and reasons you would take people to very specific websites are almost unlimited, and soon the black blogs will be as common as URLs.

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