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The Worst Website In The World?

Vitaly Borker, the proprietor of www.decormyeyes.com,  just pleaded guilty to several felonies related to his unorthdox method of promoting his website. Borker decided that the best way to build traffic to his online sunglass store was to insult and threaten customers in order to build an online buzz.  When customers complained about his products, he would threaten to kill or sexually assault them.  He even e mailed Google maps of customer’s homes – telling them “I know where you live”.  He sent an email to the workplace of one disgruntled customer – announcing that the unhappy buyer was “gay and a drug dealer”.

Borker took this unusual approach towards customer service to increase his Google rankings.  As frightened and angry customers wrote horrible reviews about his business, his Google placement went up, which Borker for some reason assumed would lead to increased business – sort of the “any publicity is good publicity” approach towards business.

As a marketing professional, I can’t endorse this method of promotion.  If it worked, Tiger Woods would actually have more endorsement deals, and OJ Simpson would have his own line of sports drinks. If bad reviews were good for business, Ashton Kutcher would be the biggest movie star in the world.

For his efforts, Borker will most likely do more as much time in jail as Simpson. He is expected to be sentenced to as much as six years.   

However, maybe there is some slight method to his madness, at least as far as driving traffic goes.  Are you going to click on the above link?

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