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Comic / Dart-Throwing Stock Picker Auggie Smith Trounces The Competition

Here’s the update for those of you who have been following our one year competition between Auggie Smith and the financial gurus.  Just to remind new readers, on January 1st, comedian Auggie Smith (who has absolutely no investment experience) threw ten darts at the stock page of the Wall Street Journal.  We invested a hypothetical $10,000 in those ten stocks, and did the same with Kiplinger Magazine’s “Ten Stocks for 2011”.  We also invested $10,000 in the Vanguard World Fund.

Auggie’s dart picks have been in the lead most of the year, and they continue to trounce the competitors.  Based on the original $10,000 investment, here is how the three stack up:

  1. Auggie’s portfolio is now worth $11,048.  Big winners include Centerpoint and Amex. The only loser in the portfolio is Bank of America – so nine out of ten are up.
  2. The Vanguard World Fund is in second place, at $10,549.
  3. The Kiplinger’s Ten Stocks for 2011 have actually lost money, with a pitifull value of $9,639.  Five of their ten stocks have lost money, with the worst being Stealth Gas – which is down almost 48%.
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