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Update On The Auggie Versus The Experts Stock Picking Contest

A quick update for new readers.  On January 1st comedian Auggie Smith threw ten darts at the Wall Street Journal stock page to come up with his “ten stocks for 2011”. Throughout the year we have been comparing the results of investing $10,000 in these random stocks, versus putting $10,000 into the stocks recommended by Kiplinger Magazine as their ten stocks for the year, or finally by taking the simple route of putting $10,000 into the Vanguard World Fund.  Auggie’s stocks have been leading for most of the year, and even in the turbulent market of the last few months he is doing well.  Here are the standings.

  • Auggie’s Portfolio is now worth $10,153.  The big loser in the group is Bank of America, down almost 50% from the purchase price. Flir, CH Robinson, and Union Pacific are also down slightly.  The big winners include Centerpointe, Amex, and IBM.
  • Kiplinger’s ten stocks for the year are now worth $9015, down almost 10% from the initial investment. The biggest losers include Stealth Gas and Compuware.  Of the ten stocks, seven have declined in price from the purchase.  There is one big winner, Caribou Coffee, up over 40%.
  • And the easy investment, the Vanguard World Fund, is in second place at $9239.
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