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Don’t Trust That Text

A few weeks ago while my wife and I were travelling she received a text message that said “Wells Fargo Alert. Your card has been deactivated. Please contact us at 503-327-9452”.

Wow. Efficient security Wells Fargo! Only problem… my wife doesn’t have a Wells Fargo card. A few hours later I received the same text – and I don’t have a Wells Card either.

When we called the phone number a very official sounding recording (I suspect the recorded it right off a Wells number) asked for my credit card number, and gave no method to talk to a live operator.  I obviously didn’t and couldn’t comply, and later Wells Fargo verfied that it was a a phishing scheme.

Yesterday I received an e mail from Verizon warning consumers of a  very similar e mail scam.  A very official-looking e mail comes from Verizon, asking for your credit card number to reactive your account.

So the creeps and criminals are getting more and more sophisticated, and we all need to treat every communication with suspicion.

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