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Palin Should Debate Obama

Just when I thought I was losing interest in the unending Republican debates and primaries, a Savior has been revealed. Yes my friends, Sarah Palin has challenged Barack Obama to a debate and I, for one, must insist that this debate take place.

Oh, I know, Sarah isn’t actually running for any office and seems genuinely dedicated to becoming wealthy. But I would suggest that we not look at this as a “political” exercise at all. Let’s bill it as pure theater! They can hold the debate at the theater “formerly known as Kodak” in Los Angeles. I can just see Old Leatherneck Joan Rivers propped up one more time interviewing Hollywood’s elite as they limp down the Red Carpet.

(As an aside, did anyone else notice how old and gamey the Hollywood folks looked at the Oscars this year? When did Meryl Streep decide to keep the Julia Child thing going? I am so freaking excited, that I’m formally asking our editor for a press pass (I so desperately want to meet David Hasselhoff) so that I can witness one of the great theatrical moments in recent American history.)

Maybe we could get that poor bastard who screams “Let’s get reaaaaaaddy toooooooo ruuuuuuuuuummmmble” to introduce the debators, and then it can be moderated by P. Diddy, Ellen, and the guy who owns Girls Gone Wild! This could work people!
I’m not kidding about this.

I really read this story on the net this morning, Sarah Palin wants to debate the President about the “things that really matter to Americans”. Now apart from the fact that the President does not typically debate private citizens, what madness has gripped Palin this time? My assumption is that the trauma caused by her humiliation at being revealed as an ill-informed rube when Grandpa McCain selected her as a running mate four years ago has been washed away by all of the Tea Party rallies. Either that or she just enjoys a good ass-whuppin.

When we last witnessed Ms. Palin in action, she did not know what the “Fed” was, nor did she know that there was a North and a South Korea. Hell, she may not have known that there was a North and South Carolina! But just a refresher or two….

  1. “But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies” – Says Palin on November 24, 2010 as a guest on the Glenn Beck show. No Sarah, we don’t really get along with North Korea and still actually never quite got around to ending the Korean Conflict more than a half a century ago.
  2. When asked to name a Supreme Court decision that she disagreed with on October 1, 2008 in an interview with Katie Couric: “Well, let’s see. There’s ? of course in the great history of America there have been rulings that there’s never going to be absolute consensus by every American, and there are those issues, again, like Roe v. Wade, where I believe are best held on a state level and addressed there. So, you know, going through the history of America, there would be others but…”

Her views of “ObamaCare” are well known…or are they?

“We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic?”, said Palin.  Why no, I think a better term for it is hypocritical…she made that stunning admission on March 6, 2010.

And then when you can’t believe she’s been mentioned as a serious candidate for the Presidency of the United States, she let this one go on the subject of Paul Revere;

“He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, by ringing those bells, and um, makin’ sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free, and we were going to be armed.”

Ms. Palin….what the hell are you talking about? Not knowing the story of Paul Revere’s ride is a big deal! Our President should know the story, along with the story of Bunker Hill, the Battle of New Orleans, and the events that led to Civil War. Ms. Palin knows none of it. When it was pointed out that she was…surprise surprise…wrong yet again….this Woman who Would Be President explained:

“[Paul Revere] did warn the British. And in a shout-out, gotcha-type of question that was asked of me, I answered candidly. And I know my American history.”

No Ms. Palin, Paul Revere most certainly did not warn the British….sad, really just sad. Her blunders are so prevalent that when I typed “Dumb Palin Quotes” into a Google search it indicated in 20 seconds that there were 1,830,000 results. But there is no doubting Ms. Palin’s popularity with a segment of Americans, and I certainly understand that she has accomplished a great deal in her life. The fact that she is a great person and a wonderful mother does not mean she is prepared to be the President. That was determined by the American people who in many polls do not believe she is qualified by virtue of her education, life experience and ignorance of basic facts.

Since the early days of George W. Bush’s candidacy there has been a paradigm shift in American political culture. When I was young the President was regarded as the best of the best. The thought that a Presidential candidate wouldn’t be able to identify a newspaper they had read, or that they wouldn’t be able to speak fluently on the major historical events of our national history would have been unthinkable. But along came George W., and all of a sudden people want a guy who doesn’t have a clue, but who would be great to have a beer with. A good many Republicans seem to embrace candidates based upon social issues like abortion, religion and homophobia despite the fact that many of these social throwbacks work against their financial interests. The success of Rick Santorum underscores my point. Here’s a guy who holds positions that are viewed as shocking by a majority of Americans, but he’s proving very popular with the Republican primary and caucus voters.

Palin’s lack of knowledge about world history and events is shameful for someone aspiring to become a national political figure. You see Ms. Palin, the right to debate a President comes as a result of running against the President in an election. You should have been willing to debate Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. You don’t get to skip a year of campaigning and still get to grandstand. Not that it seems to matter to this woman, but her need to remain relevant can serve to detract from the ultimate Republican nominee. That person, not you Ms. Palin, will speak for the Republican Party. I also love the arrogance. Mr. Obama is an accomplished orator and a very competent debater. He would know what newspapers he reads because….wait for it….HE actually reads newspapers. I’ll go one step further, I’ll bet you dinner that Mr. Obama, Mr. Romney and Mr. Gingrich can all recite Longfellow’s poem…now be honest Sarah…you just asked yourself, “What Poem? Didn’t you?

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