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The Best Government Money Can Buy!

It seems like more than ever before, the road to political success is dependent on how much money the candidate can raise. Our Presidential candidates are in full money-raising swing, with the 1% getting special access to both Obama and Romney. If you have the cash, here is listing of the “special access” you could get with a potential or current President:

Obama –

  • For a mere $40,000 per person, you might get invited to George Clooney or Sarah Jessica Parker’s house for an intimate dinner with the President.  Sarah would probably throw in a Blu Ray copy of Sex And The City II.
  • For $35,800 you can attend a dinner with 24 others and the President.  If I were so inclined I’d pay the extra $4200 to hang with Clooney.
  • $25,000 gets an invite to the home of Glee creator Ryan Murphy for dinner with the Prez.  Hopefully the President would thrill the crowd with a little “Al Green” for dessert.
  • $5000 gets an invite with 249 others for lunch with Obama.

Romney –

Mitt’s events lack the celebrity punch, but also might get you closer access.

  • If you are a “bundler” and help raise $500,000 you get to go to the Presidential debates.  I prefer to Tivo them, and watch with a good bottle of Pinot.
  • $50,000 potentially gets you a private dinner with the candidate.  I recommend BYOB.  You can probably also bring your wife – or wives depending on your religious affiliation.
  • $10,000 gets you access to a private reception, and a picture with Mitt.  If you have photoshop you might not need this.

Of course, it’s difficult to blame the candidates for this ridiculous situation.  Politics have devolved to a point where money is the key to winning, and so our politician’s efforts have shifted from creating good government to holding great parties.

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