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Dirty Harry And Chicken Sandwiches

I must admit I was shocked and a little saddened this week to see one of my favorite actors and directors, Clint Eastwood, having a dialogue with an empty chair on the stage of the RNC. While I knew Eastwood was conservative and a bit political (He served as a mayor, and Bush Sr. actually considered him as a running mate, but ultimately chose Dan Quayle.), Eastwood’s support for Romney seemed to go over the line a bit; a rambling little journey into crazyville that made me wonder if the 82 year old icon actually thought the President was sitting next to him.  I want to remember Clint as the strong, silent, clever, gun-toting type, not an angry old man seeing visions and hurling insults at the leader of our country.  Could Grand Torino have been auto-biographical?

Of course, there is the possibility that Clint was always a raving right winger, but we were just having so much fun watching him that we ignored the obvious.  A couple weeks ago I re-watched one of his best Dirty Harry flicks, The Enforcer, with my nephews.  During the course of the film Clint must have blown away twenty people, many of them minorities that came right out of a racist “black guy” casting.  The majority were dressed like Huggy Bear or wore weird headbands, and said “sucka” a lot with strange ghetto accents.   These days if a police officer kills one individual there is a huge investigation and public outcry; imagine if in a week a single detective shot down a dozen minorities.  Of course, it is the movies, and politically-correct films are usually not that much fun.

And this doesn’t mean I will stop seeing Clint’s movies.  I just figure whether you are jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch like Tom Cruise, ranting about tiger blood like Charlie Sheen,  driving naked and drunk like Randy Travis, hiding from imaginary assasins like Randy Quaid, or having conversations with furniture like Clint, nutso might be the price many pay to be famous.  Heck, I just received the new Mel Gibson film, “Get The Gringo” from Netflix, which I plan to watch this weekend, so I am obviously not hyper-concerned with a star’s politics or paranoia. If I only watched films featuring sane people my movie choices would probably be limited to Tom Hanks movies. And I guess it is a individual’s right – even if they are famous – to associate with any cause they deem appropriate.

Of course, things grow more complicated when big companies decide to associate with political causes, and I don’t understand why a major brand would choose to piss off a large percentage of the population.  I have never eaten at a Chick-fil-a,  but in my case it has more to do with their food than their corporate position against equal rights.  Still, there is the possibility that someday I will in the uncomfortable position of having to choose between several fast food vendors as my only dining options (perhaps in some kind of end-of-the-world scenario and I am trapped at the Dallas airport), and if that day comes I will probably choose Burger King over the company that hates gays.

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  1. Scott says:

    The Clint thing was sad. As for Chick-Fil-A, how do they hate gays. I don’t recall seeing and signs that tell gay people to stay out. Since many of us don’t support Al-Qaeda’s positions, what does that mean? For a company that is closed on Sunday’s, is it really that far of a stretch to think the people in charge would support traditional marriage? However, gay people have the same equal right to get married as I do.

  2. Bizzy Life Author Avatar Tim O'Leary says:

    Hmmm – not sure where you live, but unfortunately in most places gay citizens do not enjoy the same rights as you do to marry. I think that the point is that Chick-Fil-A openly endorses limiting basic civil rights to the gay population. Is that hate? Maybe not – but it certainly does indicate that the company does not believe in equal rights for all. However, I do agree with you that they are probably very open to taking money from the people whose rights they would limit.

  3. Scott says:

    Well, I lived in PDX for 6 years, but also lived in NYC, Chicago, San Diego and now Dallas. Gay people want special rights, not equal rights. They have the same right to get married to the opposite sex just like you and I do. However, they might not love that person and since divorce rates are about 50%, it seems that straight people don’t marry the people they love either. The point is that there are legal remedies to property sharing. But to take it a few steps further, the people that yell the loudest about everyone needing to be tolerant of their position on gay marriage are extremely bigoted of anyone that disagrees with them. If the gay community really wants to make it legal for consenting adults to get married, regardless of their sexual orientation, they will lobby for the repeal of bigamy laws in addition to same-sex marriage. Why cannot 3 adults commit to a relationship? What if two bi-sexual women want a man to share their life with or if 3 men want to join in union. The question to answer is where does it stop? Do we allow people to marry animals or inanimate objects? My dog can prove she loves me by the greeting I get whenever I come home from work. She jumps on me and licks me and howls because she is so happy to see me. Is it love or dependence as she knows I feed, water, walk and play with her. Finally, I will be back in PDX next summer for my step-daughter’s ceremony with her partner. It won’t be a marriage like the one her sister had, but I will still be there showing support for the both of them.

  4. Bizzy Life Author Avatar Tim O'Leary says:

    Hmmm. When you are at your step-daughter’s wedding I would not suggest discussing the position that legalizing gay marriage would be a gateway to rampant beastiality. My guess is that it would not go over well. I would make the observation that your position is incredibly demeaning to a significant percentage of the population. You are essentially suggesting that being gay is some form of immorality and/or perversity; that loving someone of the same sex is the equivalent of loving your dog or engaging in perverse acts. Much of the world understands that not everyone is wired the same in how they love, and that it is possible and natural and acceptable to love someone of the same sex. But regarding “yelling the loudest” – the gay population and those of us that advocate equal rights do not seek to limit the rights of those engaged in more traditional relationships. As far as we are concerned they can do what the want and believe what they want. But it is the gay community that is the target of those who would rob them of their rights, hence they need to yell. It’s about freedom – and I don’t know – but I bet you believe in the concept of freedom. The real point….. if you don’t believe in gay marriage then don’t marry someone of the same sex. No one is pushing you to do anything you don’t want to do – but don’t limit other people’s lives. There are many things I personally don’t believe in – but I respect other’s rights to do them. I don’t like big game hunting – but I understand some people do and I don’t seek to outlaw it. I don’t like Nascar, Chick Fil A, or churches where they worship rattlesnakes…….and the good news, I don’t need to go to any of those places. But I do respect that some people do like those places and I don’t want to limit their rights. America is supposed to be about freedom.

  5. Scott says:

    That’s why I hate some of the liberal points of view. You take it to the end of the possible extreme and now made the assumption that I find gay marriage in the same realm of beastiality. But how am I being demeaning other than asking the question. Is it taboo to make people think and answer hard questions? What about my point on Bigamy? Was that conveniently left out? They are part of the population and why can’t we have multiple spouses? Would it be ok to only have same sex bigamy? What about people who love life sized dolls? My thoughts are that those people are way out there, but again, they have feelings too. So while you have come to the conclusion that I think being gay is immoral or perverse, you still don’t want to answer the tough questions.
    I believe in a free society and I protected it for many years, but I am not naive to think that we aren’t a controlled one. Before your next flight, I suggest reading Amendment IV to the Constitution and letting TSA know your feelings. See how far you will get past the metal detectors. So while I understand the plight of the gay community, I have mixed feelings on how government should step in and make comments to private businesses such as in Chicago and Boston. However, I don’t recall seeing anyone hammer those guys. What about the “youtube” idiot in Arizona harassing the CFA worker, again, free pass until he got axed by his employer. I respect everyone’s desire to want and become equal, but I have become cynical too because I feel America just wants to make everyone happy. Why should I or anyone be demonized if I publically oppose it? I also feel the same way for those that support it. As you said, no one if forcing you to support a business. However, if I don’t support it, I am labeled as “out of touch” or homophobic. Again, trying to guilt me into being quite or changing my mind is not what I want in our free society. Your first sentence aptly implied that I think all gays are perverse, perhaps you didn’t notice the oppression you are trying to set upon me. In the end, if people are going to make themselves happy with or without permission from the government. We are free to choose our path and pursuit of happiness, but we are not guaranteed that we will ever get there.
    Finally, hurry up with “Pitch-men,” while I disagree with a lot of what you have to post, I still enjoy your insight and writing style and don’t mind supporting you.

  6. Bizzy Life Author Avatar Tim O'Leary says:

    Thanks Scott – I always appreciate a spirited discussion!

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