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And Now A Word From Someone Who Has A Stake In Our Future

Mitt Romney is about to be elected President of the United States of America. It is a done deal, and it has nothing to do with the debates, the wars, Planned Parenthood or Big Bird.
Mitt will be our next President because we are a nation which has grown used to false promises and ever more ridiculous election year claims. Americans today would never buy into Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and the promise of a slow, but lasting economic recovery. We want our recovery immediately and do not care much how we get there or whether it is the product of harmful long-term policies. We’ll take our recovery now, if you please, and we don’t much care for the promises of investment in education or emerging technologies.

The President, for his part, cannot defend his record on jobs and deficit control because his defense is the functional equivalent of “the Republicans in Congress won’t play with me”. That, Mr. President, cannot fly because why would we elect you again to run headlong into the same wall. Obama’s problem stems from the fact that in many parts of this country people choose to elect people like Michelle Bachman, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. As long as people like that can get into Congress in sufficient numbers the national dialogue will focus on evolution versus intelligent design, rather than on returning America to economic prosperity.

I see the Romney election as a relatively necessary evil because I am fifty five years old, fairly secure economically, and of the belief that our only way out of this madness is to allow the country to be laid open to the Republican Party and its on-going assault on the American middle class. The fact is that it is the middle class who is begging for it; it is the middle class who seem to revel in its own demise, so why should I care? I honestly believe that it is time we give the Social Security recipient holding the “Down with Obamacare” sign exactly what he is begging for; end “government health care” immediately. “Hey Pops get the hell out of the line at the pharmacy, we’ve got nothing here for you today.” I say let the thirty something mom have her President, and when there are no options for your learning disabled child then you can dip into your savings for the $50,000-a-year private school. Or you could let Mitt Romney test him right out of the system and onto the streets with a nice cardboard “will work for food” sign. We should let the 25 year old man screaming about how unions are killing our jobs to actually witness the death of the American labor movement. I say let him have the Romney version of jobs, at minimum wage (which he has said he will not raise) without health benefits and retirement. Have at it and don’t worry. President Romney has promised 12 million jobs. I just don’t know where all of the Wal-Marts will go. Maybe you can find a few families to live with when the savings from your old union job run out.

I want to see the Grandfather from Des Moines raise the child born of his granddaughter’s rape. Good luck to you sir. Oh and by the way Gramps, have you got an extra $200.00 bucks a month you could lend her for her birth control? But I guess you were right all along, a woman should have no right to control her reproductive health.

Screw these people. I wondered what my 18 year old son thinks about the whole mess. He will vote for the first time this November and he is better informed that the vast majority of people. I was speaking with him about Social Security earlier today and pointed out that in 2025 Social Security will be bankrupt. He smiled at me and said “Try 2016, Dad.” It occurred to me that this young man should be heard because he is concerned and has so much at stake, so I’ve asked him to share his thoughts on what America needs. My son has a rather severe form of dyslexia and by the sheer force of his will and intelligence he is an honor roll student who will attend college next fall. He has had the benefit of specialized education at the nationally acclaimed Carroll and Landmark schools. He is living proof of the importance of an education system staffed with remarkable teachers. This kid has busted his butt since first grade in ways that should inspire all of us. He learned to read and to manage his learning challenge and is one of the most pragmatic young men I know. So for the first time on this or any other blog, here is my son Cameron Wilcox:

I will vote this November for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. My reasons are simple. I think that their policies can turn around the economic mess we have because of the last presidential administration. I also believe that Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan will cut funding for an already depleted education system and that their policies will not create jobs capable of maintaining our economic recovery.

Our country is one of the only countries in the world that does very little to protect American jobs, in fact we support moving our jobs to countries where workers aren’t paid well so that our companies can make more profit. I’m not saying that we should impose tariffs which would make my Jordans cost $800. But we should place tariffs on the importation of things we do want to make here like medical and computer technologies. I have trouble understanding how we can survive when the only jobs available to my generation will be service related jobs unless things change. Someone my age who has to work at a retail store is not going to have the ability to move up so that they can someday afford a house, a family or retirement. I believe that President Obama is the only candidate who still believes in America’s ability to be a world leader in technology and the development of clean energy. He wants to create an education system that gives American workers the edge over China in technology based industries. Mr. Romney says he supports American workers but he has sent countless high paying American jobs to other countries. I look at his actions over his career rather his promises over the last two years.

The American education system needs to produce students who can outperform their foreign competitors. I don’t understand how cuts to education and the elimination of funding for student loans and education tax cuts can help to produce the workforce we need. As an investor I think Mr. Romney would appreciate that we need to invest now to realize a strong economy twenty years from now. Saving money by cutting education will cost far more to our future than any savings we get now.

None of our investments will matter unless we control our spending. We have had two wars in the past 11 years which have cost more than a trillion dollars and which have not been in the national security of the United States. We spend more than $503 billion in defense spending every year. China spends an estimated $114 billion per year and have killed us in manufacturing. I do not understand why people are afraid for their army and not as concerned with their factories. They aren’t even competing with us militarily and they pose a greater threat to us than the Soviet Union ever did. I somewhat agree with Mitt Romney that we spend too much taking care of people. But I don’t blame those people because there aren’t enough good paying jobs. We need to get them working so that they are not so dependent on our government. This is where I think Mitt Romney doesn’t get the point. The “47%” are not all “takers” or bad people who just want handouts. I believe that they would take care of themselves if the opportunities were available. We need jobs, not more defense spending.

Thank you Cameron, I think that we could all learn a little by listening to the people who will pay the price, or reap the benefit of the choices we will make next month. I strangely feel less bitter and pray that there are enough of us like Cam to stop us from getting what we ask for.

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2 Responses to And Now A Word From Someone Who Has A Stake In Our Future

  1. Scott says:

    Cameron (and Mike),
    As you can see, we have had 4 years to get more jobs. However, it hasn’t happened. We still have uncontrolled spending, and we continue to spend more than we make. Yet, spending has not gone down. Our education system is broken because today’s kids grew up with a “participation trophy” and have not come to the stark realization that in life, there are winners and losers. As your father can attest, his success in business is based on his success.
    Think about this, your loved one goes to a hospital for a life-saving operation. Do you pick the doctor that has actually performed the procedure multiple times, or do you pick someone that stayed at a Holliday Inn express. To me the choice is simple.
    Best of luck in your choices, but as my daughter came to the realization last month after getting her first job. “Why are they taking taxes out of my paycheck and what are they doing with them?”

  2. Peter Fox says:

    I am afraid that false promises have been the stuff of elections ever since the first cave men promised to tame the mastodons, make it rain on every other Tuesday and change mud into gold. Obama has proven the theory that, OK, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time but you can certainly fool a heck of a lot of them at election time. Is democracy really such a great institution?

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