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It’s Time to Gloat

I decided on election night that I would not gloat.  I would not rub it in my friend’s faces. I would simply allow Romney fans everywhere to lick their wounds. I have had many entanglements over the past year with my real life, and “Facebook friends”, and while most of them are decent people…..many of them are nuttier than….well you get the point. I have de-friended many Tea Party Republican zealots as I suspect that their vitriol against President Obama is little more than racial bigotry. I’m, in fact, convinced of that point with far too many of the nut jobs I’ve spoken to over the past four years.

But if I’m being honest I did not gloat because I do not wish to give these people a soap box. It has been kind of nice that many of them are still so stunned that they haven’t dared to say anything. The pain that they all feel is deep because they were above all arrogant and so damned sure that America had snapped out of Obama’s spell. The pain you feel, my friends and former friends, is called “irrelevancy”. Well maybe not complete irrelevancy, but it’s pretty close on many of your core ideals. That’s gotta sting huh?

I made this decision (to appear to be gracious in victory) based upon my desire to finally have some peace and quiet. I’ve crammed my head so full of data to refute all of the nonsense that I think it would only be fair if Mr. Obama’s campaign would send me a check. I’m frigging exhausted from arguing with these people. Maybe if I just quietly enjoy Obama’s victory they’ll leave me alone for a few months as Mitt weighs another run.

My plan was foiled by Bill O’Reilly. It was my assumption that the Republican-Tea Party (“RTP”) would blame Romney the way that they blamed McCain and George H.W. Bush (#41, not the stooge son). They would march out a well-established RTP figure to somberly assess the loss, and point out Romney’s major gaffes. Lord knows, Mr. Romney ran a fairly spectacular campaign when it came to major missteps and misstatements so they’d blame Ole Mr. 47% for their troubles. But this year they threw us all a curveball: The Republican-Tea Party has decided to blame YOU!

Well, not all of you…but at least 50% of you!

The RTP’s post-election talking points have focused almost exclusively on how THEY didn’t lose the election because THEY have the perfect prescription for America. The fact that THEY suffered an epic loss and are at risk of alienating key demographics moving forward, provides no opportunity to learn. No my friends, these folks are blaming women, Latino voters, African-American voters and of course the media. Bill O’Reilly has decided to fall back upon Romney’s most significant blunder and has said that “fifty percent of Americans are takers”. It is his considered opinion that half of us do not want to work, fully half of us are on the dole. You see Mr. O’Reilly, like any good RTP man is perfectly comfortable with corporate welfare recipients, defense contractors and farm conglomerates raking in billions….he just thinks the the rest of us should stand down when it comes to things like student loans, veteran’s benefits and social security checks. The now disgraced Czar of the RTP, Karl Rove, muttered something about Ohio “not yet fully decided” and then I thought I heard the fat bastard say something about the need to appease Latinos with an immigration reform bill to be championed by RTP congressional leaders. Mitt Romney’s spin on his defeat is that Obama made “very generous gifts” to blacks, young people and Latinos. Here again, in the O’Reilly speak he conveniently ignored the fact that the biggest takers are not the working class it is people like Mitt who can shelter millions in annual income as “dividends”. Jon Stewart put it best, “the party of personal responsibility” does not wish to take any responsibility for this loss. How can we allow this historical rewrite to stand? I think it’s time for some constructive gloating. So here goes….

Mr. Romney, when you endorse initiatives which permit law enforcement to stop and question Latinos to determine if they are illegal-you don’t get to blame them for voting for the party which opposes that approach to immigration control. When your party drafts a national party platform and include a plank calling for no abortion even in the case of rape or incest, you don’t get to blame voters who feel that it isn’t your place to make decisions about a person’s body. I’ve never really understood why you feel that judges who support a woman’s personal rights are “activist”, and yet a judge willing to abandon precedent is perfectly acceptable, and most assuredly not an activist. Ummm, I hate to rain on your defeat parade…but a judge who seeks to undo precedent for the privilege of changing or affecting social policy is the definition of an “activist judge”. When down ballot candidates vote against equal pay for women, and you take a position that you also did not support the legislation-you cannot possible be so short-sighted as to think that you had a shot with working women or any members of their families? You don’t get to complain when women AND men who are offended by your position decide to support the guy who supports equal pay. When the true flag bearer of your party refers to a young woman, who appeared before the Congress, as a “slut” because she spoke about her reproductive rights, and you did not demand his dismissal…you lacked the leadership to become president. When your party offers up simpletons who argue that women have some sort of a biological ability to “shut the whole thing down” when they are raped…you don’t get it. When your party attempts to differentiate between “forcible rape”, and some unknown other type of rape-you did not deserve our support and may well be too stupid to feed yourself. I hope you pardon our collective hesitation in jumping aboard the good ship “TeaPartyTitanic”.
When your candidates use racially charged language like “shuck and jive” or claim that they will “take back America” you must be kidding if you were honestly dismayed or even mildly disappointed that the African-American voter supported the President. Instead of a look inward to determine if maybe, just a thought now, maybe YOU are out of step….you chose to dismiss that portion of the electorate.

It was YOUR failings Mr. Romney, it was the country’s rejection of YOU and your ideals. It was as simple as that.

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