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What Women Want

According to a recent USA today election poll, women overwhelmingly supported the reelection efforts of President Obama.

A few weeks ago during a heated pre-election discussion, I mentioned to a respected male colleague (and unabashed Romney supporter) my outrage at Romney’s promise to end funding for Planned Parenthood. He responded innocently with the question; are you a one issue voter?

Wow, I thought, you guys just don’t get it. Reproductive freedom is not one issue, it is a series of complicated personal freedom and economic issues that if properly handled reduces poverty, crime and yes the welfare rolls; all issues you guys say you care about.

So it got me thinking, what else do women want?

We want reasonable access to healthcare for our families and assurances that our children and elderly parents are not thrown off insurance due to a preexisting health conditions, like cancer.

We want an economic policy that benefits everyone, and have learned that trickledown theory isn’t it.

We want a clean environment, so we can drink our water, breathe our air and enjoy nature in our spare time.

We want equal pay, for equal work.

We don’t want any more unnecessary wars that maim and kill our loved ones.

We want access to a good education, and a government that invests in innovation and infrastructure, so our children have a real future getting good jobs.

We want our friends, whether gay or straight to live freely, marry and raise families without prejudice.

We want the government and the church to stay out of our uterus, and stop telling us what to do with our bodies.

We want reasonable government regulations; because a corporation’s primary motivation is to make money, not protect consumers and the environment.

We want our disabled brothers and sisters to have a helping hand, so they can live happy productive lives.

We want gun control, so lunatics can’t kill us with sub machine guns in movie theaters.

We want to send our kids to college without putting them a hundred thousand dollars in debt.

We want well-funded law enforcement so we are safe to walk to the store and sleep soundly.

In this past election, the majority of women believed Obama was the best person to progress these issues, and we made a difference. Now, maybe the political establishment will look a little bit more deeply into what women really want and take note. We are not just one issue voters, we care about the economy, the environment, personal freedom and helping others, yet we don’t believe any of those issues to be mutually exclusive.

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2 Responses to What Women Want

  1. Mike says:

    The sad part of the “one issue” question is that it ignores the fact that the Republican party is essentially a “one issue” party in a great many respects. The truth of it is that the Republican Party of Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan and GHW Bush is gone. In its place we have a cast of religious zealots who believe themselves to be duty bound to reverse Roe v. Wade. That is their single most identifiable feature and any effort to persuade us otherwise is untenable. They are, after all, the anti-government party which tripled the size of the federal government, they are the party of fiscal responsibility which spent a trillion dollars on an abomination of a war in Iraq, they are the party of no welfare which supports business and farm subsidies. Their dedication to failed econnomic policies (trickle down economics) is merely a ruse. If the “one issue” is so unimportant why then did they vote to make “no abortion” a plank of their party’s national platform? It was the “one issue” that they had to have, so what prey tell would be wrong with any person believing it was important enough to base a vote upon. I know it was of singular importance to me.

  2. Elena says:


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