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One Month Results – Auggie Versus Barrons & Vanguard

So we are one month into the “Auggie Versus The Experts” stock picking competition. If you are following this year’s contest – you know that Auggie picked his ten best stocks for the year by first drinking copious amounts of alcohol, then firing a pellet gun at lists of stock tickers.

The competiton – Barrons and Vanguard – took a slightly different approach.  They started with some of the world’s most experienced and highly regarding investment managers, and gave them very sophisticated analytic tools to make their choices.

Now it has only been a month (and a good month for most of the market), but here is where we stand.  Based on an initial investment of $10,000…

Auggie’s Portfolio is in First Place with a value of $10,400

Vanguard is in Second Place with a value of $10,198

And Barrons is lagging way behind, essentially flat, with an increase in portfolio value of 89 cents.

Six of Auggies picks were up in value, three were flat, and only one lost value.  Barrons, with an ill-timed choice in Apple, had five stocks that increased in value, two flat, and three losers.

Of course it is early in the year, but Auggie is off to a strong start!

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  1. Genius. Aug has that unknown – can’t look it up in a book – thang.

    Mazel Tov

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