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Why You Should Hire Up

There is an old saying about hiring….”A’s hire A’s – “B’s hire C’s” – “C’s hire D’s”

I understand it can be tempting for a manager to hire sub-standard employees, as is can give the perception of job security. If there is nobody qualified to replace you then you assume your job is secure. But from upper management’s perspective, this is the worst move a manager can make. Hiring less-than-qualified employees calls into question the manager’s judgement. A manager that can’t recognize or foster talent is ultimately of limited value. It also forces upper managment to eventually intercede and do the manager’s job at some point, and is a very limiting career move.

If a manager has a great staff ready to fill their shoes, they are available to move up in the organization. If not, they are stuck in their current position and incredibly vunerable to losing their job to someone else that understands the importance of filling all the ranks with the best qualified workers.

I’ve had otherwise mediocre managers that were terrific at developing talent, and that is a rare enough skillset that it put them in a better position than other managers that were great at their job but refused to build a good staff below them.  The great manager not only can perform all their job functions well, but also adds o the quality of the organization through their hiring and training practices.

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