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Don’t Ask If You Don’t Care

Every few days I receive another request to complete a customer service survey. My banks, financial institutions, airlines, car companies, credit card companies, even my doctor’s office all want to know how they are doing.   And at first it sounds great.  I love companies that want to continually improve their customer service and accordingly seek feedback. The problem….

After I take the time from my day to give them feedback, there is almost never a response.  

I could understand this if all I was doing was telling them all how terrific they were doing, but becaure I appreciate straight talk from clients, I tell them the truth, and sometimes complain about sub-par service.

Last month I had a terrible experience with United Airlines.  They lost my luggage – resulting in me missing an important meeting  – the main reason for my travel.  Their customer service department (manned by people in India with a very limited command of the English language) were not only not helpful – but actually made the situation worse.  I complained on the survey – but never heard a word.

Two months ago my medical clinic – OHSU – made me wait over two hours for a five minute appointment.  So the next day when they sent a customer satisfaction survey I expressed my dissatisfaction.  Never heard a word from them.  But if you do really want to hear from OHSU – I suggest paying your bill three days late.  That department is very focused on reaching out to their patients.

The impact of not following up on a customer complaint just compounds the initial dissatisfaction.  It makes the organization appear more disorganized – even more callous.  To the consumer the statement is “we send out these surveys because it makes us appear like we care – but we really don’t.”

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  1. Scott says:

    Get a parking ticket up on “The Hill” and they will hound you as well. I will say that a few years ago I complaind about the service I received at McDonalds and within 2 days, I was actually contacted by the owner. It made me want to continue to do business with them. There are a few companies that seem to care and i agree that most of the time, the survey seems like a waste.

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