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We Are Boston

I’m wanna tell you a story
I’m wanna tell you about my town
I’m gonna tell you a big fat story, baby
Aww, it’s all about my town

Yeah, down by the river
Down by the banks of the river Charles
Aw, that’s what’s happenin’ baby
That’s where you’ll find me
Along with lovers, buggers and thieves
Aw, but they’re cool people

Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston you’re my home…

“Dirty Water”, The Standells.

I know the city like the back of my hand. I was born in the Boston City Hospital, I lived in a housing project in Jamaica Plain, an apartment in Roxbury and a house in Hyde Park as my parents lifted our family out of poverty by working multiple jobs. My friends and I lived through Boston’s darkest hours during the bussing crisis of the mid-1970’s only to see our great city rise above the crisis.

I drove a taxi and a police cruiser around my city and was lucky enough to attend both college and law school here after I finished my four year stint in the Air Force. I live in a small town 35 miles west of the city now but I have always been a Bostonian. On Marathon Monday I was filled with rage as I checked in with family and friends to make sure that they were all safe, but as Susan and I watched the footage we both saw that regular Bostonians along with police and medical personnel were working hand in hand to save lives. Today I am saddened at the senseless loss of life but I am heartened that my fellow Bostonians are the kind of people who put others first. As I started my work out on Tuesday morning following the event I was watching Sportscenter to get a break from the non-stop coverage of the bomb blasts when I just broke down and cried. My tears are for my city and all that it means to me. My emotions flowed from rage, sorrow and a desire to do something to show the world how a Bostonian is expected to respond. I am frustrated at the thought of the unnecessary violence visited upon innocent human beings on Marathon Monday, but my sorrow will pass and be replaced by a resolve not to allow these cowards to win. I am so happy that the two morons who did this stuck around and saw that they did not terrorize this city; they served to sound a call to action. Oh sure, you may have had your moment….but we won the day. This is the city of Bunker Hill….we do not fear the likes of dogs like you.

To my dismay I saw yesterday that another moron, Nate Bell, a state representative in Arkansas, decided to politicize an attack on Boston when he made the following statement:

I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine?
~Nate Bell.

Mr. Bell you are the worst kind of an American because you see people of differing political views as being less than you, when the painful reality is that the good people of Boston, New York, Oklahoma City and Atlanta understand that it doesn’t matter where a person stands politically during a crisis, it only matters that they stand. Because you are so fundamentally ignorant of our people, and our home Mr. Bell, allow me to introduce you to Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

On March 5, 1770 it was five Bostonians including Crispus Attucks who were killed as they stood up to the British in what became known as the “Boston Massacre”. I’ve walked on the very spot of that incident, and as an attorney I take great pride in the fact that our second American President, John Adams, represented one of the British soldiers in the trial that followed. It was Bostonians who first stood tall for America and who gave their lives so that someday a fool like you would have the right to suggest that we are cowards.
You would do well to remember that we are the descendants of the Minuteman. Our descendants stood up to the British army on April 19, 1775 and started a nation based upon principles that you likely know little about. I suspect that in all of your phony patriotism you haven’t walked on the fields at Lexington and Concord. I have walked those fields and marched in the parade which takes place at 5:30 a.m. on Patriot’s Day, our State holiday. My first Patriots Day parade was in 1967. Can you tell your children about the day when a son of Massachusetts fired the “shot heard round the world”?

We are Boston, America’s real first city; we hosted the British at the Battle of Breeds and Bunker Hill in Charlestown. Our forefathers held a Tea Party for the whole world. We are the people who stand tall for America every single time that the opportunity presents itself. On 9/11, Bostonians rushed to help our fellow Americans in New York City. Tell me what you did besides try to figure out a way to turn that attack on another great American city into political capital?

Americans have sent their children here to be educated at our colleges by the millions, and as a testament to the wonder of this place, a great many of America’s children have stayed because of what they learned when they came here. Our hospitals are among the best in the nation in treatment and medical research. We are among the nations’ best places for high-technology and bio-technology. Our people are well educated and diverse, but we take great pride in our Mayor who is a product of Boston’s blue collar neighborhoods. A man who makes up for his lack of eloquence with a deep commitment and a love for his city.

We are Boston, Mr. Bell. We speak in a dialect that is all ours and we take great pride that we have our own manner of speech. I can tell if I’m speaking with a Bostonian if she knows what a “tonic” or a “bubblah” is.

We are Boston, a place where people cry real tears whenever America has been attacked but who immediately wipe away the tears and take action. We are the place that produced the Massachusetts 54th Regiment, the first African-American unit called to action in the Civil War, they trained in the Readville section of Hyde Park, a section of Boston. We walk among the tombstones of America’s forefathers as a constant reminder of the sacrifices that have given fools like you the right to express the idiotic opinions you hold.

We are Boston. Where are you from, and what can you point to that makes you uniquely proud to be from there? We are the home of Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Boston University and at least 50 other colleges…We are the home of The Union Oyster House, Durgin Park and Legal Seafoods where we go for chowdah, baked beans and “lobsta”.

We are Boston, and we love our city in ways that you will never understand. On Monday April 15, 2013, I, like all people of this region, was filled with intense pride for the first responders and our medical professionals who saved so many lives. When our police officers hunted down the individuals who attacked us we came out and cheered for our heroes. We love who we are and what we represent and we laugh at short minded fools like you Mr. Bell. We are the people who line up every Patriots Day to celebrate the birth of our nation while you go about your day to day business. We commemorate America on the 4th of July by standing on our Esplanade and singing our national anthem and God Bless America at the top of our voices. The world needs to know that we are Boston and that there is zero chance that dogs who kill children and innocent people could ever think that we will be terrorize. It is disgraceful that Nate Bell, who likely calls himself a Patriot, would question our resolve or our courage because we don’t all see the need to be armed to the teeth.

We know our place as America’s first city, and we will not be cowed by the likes of dogs who sneak around placing backpacks next to children and families. We will also not back down from a fight with morons like you Mr. Bell. If I thought you were capable of learning I would invite you to come to our city so that you could see just how wrong you are about our people.

We will celebrate the lives of our fallen and we will pick up our wounded and we will show the whole world our pride for our police officers. We will then show the whole world how well American justice works as we prove to the world that we actually believe in due process and fairness. The terrorists’ corrupt ideals will be forgotten and what we will always remember are the names of the four innocent souls we lost.

Above all, we will line the Marathon route next year and we will sing our national anthem and are likely to chant “Yankees Suck” as a signal to our fellow Americans that we are still here, standing tall for America….like we always do.


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15 Responses to We Are Boston

  1. Bizzy Life Author Avatar Tim O'Leary says:

    Great work Michael! And for anyone interested in learning more about Mr. Bell – or if you want to contact him – here is his bio and contact info: http://www.arkansashouse.org/member/256/

  2. Kathy Feeley says:

    Way to go Michael! You being one of the “Cellar Kids”, you are more than friend, you are family. and I am proud to have known you since your teenage years, the wise-ass FUNNY teenager, to become the man you are today. Well done my friend!

  3. Michael, No one could have said this better! I have known you a long time and everything is the honest truth ! We as Bostonions shall survive but not forget nor live in fear! As for you Mr. Bell we do not need assult guns ! but can string you up with rope you coward !!! Thank you Mike for telling this as it is !!

  4. Tom Stella says:

    Leave it to a blow hard politician to make a pathetic political statement out of such a tragic event. Just so you know mr. Bell, I was on Boston common Tuesday in broad day light waiting for something to do. I am a national guard soldier and even though they decided not to arm us, I was there with only my combat knife waiting for something to happen, because this is who we are in boston

  5. Bizzy Life Author Avatar Michelle Cardinal says:

    Michael, Tim read this to me last night while I was cooking dinner. I was floored! Thank you for such an wonderful post. You nailed it. All the sadness,yet prid coupoled with frustration at the stupidity of idiots who should not have access to a bully pulpit, all wrapped up with hope that “good people do something.” Boston has made us all proud and I for one, will stop covering up my missing “RRRR’s”

  6. Mike says:

    Michelle….just walk into the office and say you just “pahked the cah” by the “packie” where you bought a “grinda” and a “tonic”…..

  7. Catherine Simmons says:

    Michael, well said. I am too a proud Bostonian, and if I eva walk into your office I’ll tell you I did “pahk my cah” by the “packie” but I bought a “spuckie” with my “tonic” ;) instead of a “grinda”!!!!
    …..Cathy ( used to work with Kenny Ellis / the lil blonde!)
    Again, well said, VERY well said.

  8. Mike says:

    “spuckies” there was that place over in Lower Mills by Dot Ave…..

  9. Lori says:

    Very well said! Great job

  10. Lenny says:

    Well done. Spoken like a true Masshole. Not only did the State and Local Police give of themselves but so did the Army and Air Guard. The 26th Yankee Division (YD) was there for our natio in WW1 through OIF/OEF and were played a major role in securing the streets of Boston and Watertown while LE investigated and cornered the cowards.

  11. Dennis O'Donnell says:

    Michael your rage is appropriate and with Boston Strong maybe what should have been a firestorm of political will from Aurora to Newtown might manifest itself in enough political courage to move the mountain. Our Senator Baucus showed no courage–and he will hear from the sane part of Montana on that vote.

  12. Dennis O'Donnell says:

    Apparently Senator Baucus heard the thunder of the herd beginning to stampede demanding sane controls on weapons of war in the hands of people who might harm us and will not run for reelection. One name taken down from the wall of shame–the battle for better representation begins now–the 90% need to be heard

  13. Harriet says:

    Well said Mike.

  14. Nancy Lally Carroll says:

    Nice piece, Michael! You were one of my favorite NU Law co-op students at MLCFG&P back in the day! Glad to see you’re doing well.

  15. Mike says:

    Thanks Nancy….I hope all is well with you.

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