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Auggie Wins Stockpicker of the Year!

Once again comedian Auggie Smith – using his proprietary “pellet gun” stock picking technique, has beat the experts! A year ago Auggie used a Crossman air rifle to fire ten pellets into the stock pages of the Wall Street Journal. We tracked these ten random stocks against the ten best stocks Barron’s recommended for 2013, and the Vanguard Growth Fund.

If you had invested ten thousand dollars with each of the experts (and Auggie) – here is how you would have fared:

Auggie’s portfolio is worth $14,869.

Barron’s portfolio is worth $12,922

And the Vanguard fund is worth $12,563

A huge, and somewhat stunning victory for Auggie and his rifle!  While four of Auggie’s picks lost value, he was buoyed by his position in Yelp, which over the last year has risen from around $18 a share to a high of $75!  Best Buy was also an unexpected winner, more than tripling in value.

So what can we learn from this?  Are stock pickers actually just scam artists that charge big fees for faux expertise?  Or is the stock market truly random and irrational?  Or perhaps Auggie and his rifle are guided by some divine power?

In any case, keep an eye out for our new 2014 competition that will start in a few days!  Merry Christmas!

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