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Update on the Stock Picking Contest

It appears that comedian Auggie Smith’s reign as our resident financial whiz might have come to an end.  At the beginning of the year Auggie used the “blindfolded by a Mexican Wrestling-Mask ink blot” process to pick his ten best stocks for the year.  In the past, his controversial “throw darts or shoot the Wall Street Journal with a pellet gun” technique outperformed some of Wall Street’s best stock pickers, but this year he is actually at a loss!  Here are the standings:

Auggie’s value (based on an initial valuation of $10,000) – $9156.

Investor Place’s Ten Best Stocks – $13,037

Vanguard’s Growth – $11,125

Auggie’s portfolio had a few huge holes, including Tapinator, which lost over 90% of its value, and Xueda Education, which is down over 40%.  Disney is his best performing stock.

In contrast, Investor’s Place had several big winners, including Emerge Energy Services, up over 260%, and Tesla, up over 50%.

Of course there are several months left in the contest, but it is not looking good for Auggie.

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