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How The Web Makes Salespeople Lazy

I consistently receive between 150 and 200 emails a day – a large percentage of them attempting to sell me something. Most are easily disregarded – mass solicitations I shuffle off to the spam filter. But there are always five … Continue reading

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Fun On LinkedIn

Today on LinkedIn I received a couple shining recommendations! The problem…..I have never met the people that recommended me, and I really don’t have any expertise in the areas in which they claimed I was an expert. I suspect they … Continue reading

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The History of Premium Vodka, Part Two – America

When Vladimir Smirnoff arrived in America with his old product and a new spelling for his name, the most popular spirits in the U.S. were all brown. And worse still, the imported vodkas that Americans had been exposed to were … Continue reading

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The History of Premium Vodka, Part One – Russia

Vodka is the best-selling distilled spirit in the U. S today. And Smirnoff is the best-selling brand. I can now imagine many of my readers turning up their noses at the very thought of drinking anything other than an ultra-premium … Continue reading

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College Football: Top 5 Overachieving and Top 5 Underachieving Teams for 2011.

How much of winning in college football is recruiting the best high school players? I review the recruiting classes from 2007-2011 and compare them to the final poll results. Then, I list my top five overachieving and underachieving teams for 2011. Continue reading

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