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The Myth Of Work Life Balance

Every now and then I will be interviewing a young prospective employee, and when I ask what is really important to them, they reply “I want to be really successful, but I also want work  life balance”. “I don’t want my … Continue reading

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What’s Next For The Stock Market – A 7500 Dow?

I had the pleasure last night of spending an evening with my favorite economist, the big- brained Dr. Dennis O’Donnell. Regular readers of this blog know Dennis for two reasons. Perhaps most importantly, he very accurately predicted that the stock … Continue reading

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What The Boss Notices

I know that when you are working in the trenches, it’s often difficult to have a perspective on what your boss notices.  Many bosses are unfortunately like me; distracted, aloof, short tempered, running between meetings and phone calls.  And accordingly … Continue reading

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Chasing Higher Interest Rates. Do Online Banks Make Sense For You?

These are tough times for those of us exhausted by the see-saw formerly known as the stock market.  To avoid the turbulence, for the last year or so I have been happily parking excess cash in FDIC insured CDs.  Initially … Continue reading

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