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Walmart Moves Towards Even More World Domination

After wiping out most of their retail competitors, Walmart has been steadily moving towards controlling the brands they sell. Last week they eliminated the Glad and Hefty brands from their food storage shelves, consolidating to their fast-growing private label brand, … Continue reading

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The Smart Phone Revolution – And Advertising’s Biggest Opportunity

I was a little slow to make the transistion to a smart phone (a web enabled touch screen cell phone), but since I bought my iPhone just over a year ago it has become the most useful and essential piece of technology … Continue reading

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Another Reason Apple Is Successful

Imagine you develop a product, and within a couple years 75% of all the hotels in the world endorse it.  In fact, they not only endorse it, they put attachments for it in all their rooms and market those attachments … Continue reading

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The Future of Advertising Part 2: The Agency of the Future

More input from the recent New York advertising conference (see last blog entry for Part One)… The most interesting panel I observed at the BMO Thought Leaders Conference was titled “The Agency of the Future”.  CEO’s from large agencies around … Continue reading

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The Future Of Advertising According To People Smarter Than Me

I’m going to digress from my usual whining about cell phones, politicians, banks, airlines, and assorted Weasels, and pass along some interesting information aimed at my friends in the advertising business.  If you have no interest in advertising, I suggest you … Continue reading

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