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Doing the DBS

I have completed the first two phases of the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery I decided to undertake for relief of my Parkinson’s symptoms this summer. During the third stage they turn on of the electrodes implanted in the brain, … Continue reading

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Brain Surgery – Part One

While immersed in a fog of anesthesia, I was concerned I might awake from my brain surgery looking a little like Frankenstein; perhaps scaring small children and whole villages. After all, they had drilled two holes into my skull to … Continue reading

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Deciding on Brain Surgery

How do you view your own brain? I’ve always felt mine was a “happening place”, where reality emerges on a fantastic screen. Thoughts of the nature of my brain have grown more significant to me as I contemplate brain surgery … Continue reading

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What If Your Existence Becomes “Unprofitable?”

Some weeks are better than others. Last week I discovered that I was suddenly “unprofitable”. In this case “Market Failure” occurred when a product that saves lives was no longer profitable to produce. Unfortunately, one of the lives this product … Continue reading

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Government: Small, Medium or Large? How about Rational?

You often hear the following when people discuss government – “The government that governs the least, governs the best.” The mantra of politicians on the right is for “smaller” government. But is a government that “governs the least” synonymous with … Continue reading

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