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The Road To Here

Margaret Overton, a high school classmate, published a book entitled, Good in a Crisis. With witty humor and frank insights, Margaret peeled the bandages from the bleeding wounds of her mid life for all to see. This was a trying … Continue reading

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College Football: Top 5 Overachieving and Top 5 Underachieving Teams for 2011.

How much of winning in college football is recruiting the best high school players? I review the recruiting classes from 2007-2011 and compare them to the final poll results. Then, I list my top five overachieving and underachieving teams for 2011. Continue reading

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Six reasons why there should NOT be a college football playoff.

I used to be in the “Blow Up The BCS” camp. Now, I’m firmly opposed to a playoff series for the following six reasons. Reason # 6:. . . Continue reading

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College Football Preview: Oregon Ducks at Stanford

When Oregon visits Stanford on Saturday, a streak will end. Stanford has the longest winning streak in big-time college football at 17. Oregon has won 18 consecutive conference games. Continue reading

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LSU v. Oregon Football Preview

College Football Expert Predicts Oregon over LSU. Continue reading

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