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Dick Cheney Shot Me in the Face Released Today!

Hey Bizzy Lifers – My new book, Dick Cheney Shot Me in the Face – And Other Tales of Men in Pain – has just been released.  I will begin a book tour this weekend, and am heading to the … Continue reading

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New Writing Website Launched

Hey Bizzy Lifers – As you may have noticed posts to the blog have been a bit sparse – but I have been concentrating on my fiction writing career for the last eighteen months, and just launched my updated site. … Continue reading

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Going Electric

Two months ago my wife and I decided to make the leap to an electric car.  Neither of us drive very much, and we were looking for a compact but spacious city car that would be easy to park.  I’d … Continue reading

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The Latest from Rich Old White Man World

I spend a lot of time visiting fishing lodges all over the world. Most of the time, because of the expense, travel, and time required to visit these lodges, they are primarily occupied by rich old white men (ROWM). Not … Continue reading

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Chasing Interest Rates

It’s been almost impossible the last few years to find a safe FDIC-insured savings account that pays any kind of meaningful interest rate, but a few online banks are finally peaking the 1% mark. Not great – but if you … Continue reading

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