Warriors Workers Whiners and Weasels by Tim O'Leary
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Warriors, Workers, Whiners & Weasels
By Tim O’Leary

Have questions about those around you?
Tim O’leary’s common sense classification system will give you the answers. Through a combination of tough love and humor, you will:

  • Learn to use the Warrior tools to better achieve your goals.
  • Learn to avoid recipes for failure.
  • Understand the Worker classifications to improve your performance, and become a better manager.
  • Understand your motivations and the motivations of others.
  • Learn to quit whining — and how to deal with the Whiners that surround you.
  • Learn techniques to deal with dangerous Weasels, and how to Weasel-proof your life.

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Planning Small Town America
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Planning Small Town America
By Kristina Ford with James Lopach and Dennis O’Donnell

Planning just isn’t working in many towns.
When citizens fight development in built-up areas, it’s too easy to shift to the less efficient urban frontier at the edge of town or beyond. Elected officials seldom realize the full cost of allowing haphazard growth. Planners need tools that clearly show elected officals the expense of servicing scattered development. This book proposes using committed land analysis to confront these problems. This easy-to-use technique encourages growth in areas already served by infrastructure, makes clear the cost of public services connected to land development, and helps guide development.

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