Tim O’Leary
The Editor-in-Chief and formulator of The Bizzy Lifestyle, Tim O’Leary is the co-founder and CEO of The R2C Group, one of the nation’s largest independently-owned advertising agencies, whose secret mantra is “We sell people lots of crap they really don’t need”. An extreme capitalist and entrepreneur, Tim has founded over a dozen companies, and luckily enough of them have been successful that he has the time to pontificate in this blog and write preachy but sometimes insightful articles and books on marketing and management… read more

Michelle Cardinal
Michelle has the distinction of becoming the Bizzy Life’s first woman contributor, and she definitely fits the profile of living the Bizzy Life. During her twenty-year-plus career she has successfully found the secret of juggling business success with family while exploring multiple creative passions. After being raised one of nine children in the Boston area and graduating from The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, she escaped to the West Coast (though she has maintained her Catholic guilt, East Coast lefty-liberal ideas, and the often painfully direct and cynical East Coast attitude)… read more

Jeff Merrick
Jeff Merrick has been a devotee of The Bizzy Lifestyle for almost thirty years, since the days when he and Tim O’Leary pondered Hunter Thompson and the particularly heinous Ernie’s vodka on the campus of Stanford University. While taking road trips in the early 1980’s he was known to sign guest books under the moniker “Ted Bundy”, though he was certainly no advocate of Bundy’s actions. He’s a sometimes-practicing attorney that splits his time between Portland, Oregon and Trout Lake, Washington. Politically Jeff’s been a Teenage Republican (which is in some ways similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle), a (Ross) Perot-ista, and a very minor Democratic leader. Currently, he’s nothing, which is why he write blogs and blawgs… read more

Dennis O’Donnell
The Bizzy Life’s resident academic, Dr. Dennis J. O’Donnell was a Professor of Economics at the University of Montana from 1974 to 2007, and is currently Professor Emeritus. A large ruddy Irishman with a big brain, he holds a PH. D. from Penn State. He was Research Professor in the Bureau of Business Economic Research specializing in the study of Native American and regional economic issues. He has recently taught for the (MOLLI) Oscher Lifelong Learning Program at UM developing a course entitled, “Reality Bites: The Economics of Now!”, the sequel “Once Bitten, Twice Cautious: Regulation and Recovery after the 2008 Crash” was taught in 2010. The next course tentatively titled “Hard Bitten” is under development…read more

Ray Link
Ray Link has been a frequent contributor to The Bizzy Life for the last couple years, rendering sane financial advice during insane financial times. He tempers The Bizzy Life’s frequent liberal lefty leanings with a compassionate, mostly Republican perspective, which means he likes low taxes, and minimal government intervention. He might be unreasonably wistful about life in the 50’s and 60’s, but he also likes to drive on good freeways. He’s not too keen on spending money to invade other countries, and he actually believes in evolution and global warming… read more

Milt Stewart
When The Bizzy Life gets in trouble, the first call is usually to our lawyer, Milt Stewart. OK, Milt is not the kind of lawyer you call when you discover a dead body in your trunk after a night of sipping absinth and smoking hukas with Joe Francis; there are specialists for that kind of situation. But if you are serious about getting a business deal done, Milt is the guy to have on your team. A partner in at Davis Wright Tremaine, Milt has four decades of experience advising clients on mega deals including strategic transactions and joint ventures… read more

Don Dougherty
Don’s passion for imbibing began in when he was introduced to the new guard of groundbreaking winemakers working the Napa Valley during the “California Wine Boom” of the 1970’s in a college business course. That interest was transformed into an obsession for beverage esoterica. While living in Spain in 1980, a glass of “real” absinthe in Spain inspired Don to begin researching and writing about the drinks that were then ignored by the majority of American food and wine writers at the time. That lead to contributions to a variety of travel and lifestyle magazines including: The Wine Spectator, L.A. Style, Pacifica Magazine, and many others…read more

Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke is the Founder of IdeaMensch and the senior director of Digital Strategy at WONGDOODY. Born in a small town in Germany, Mario prides himself of having lived a fairly interesting life that has included stops in England, France, Montana, Seattle, LA, Portland and now LA again. Well, interesting when compared to a life of boxing screws in his uncle’s screw factory…read more

Michael Wilcox
If you were to meet Michael Wilcox in person, you would probably be reminded of another “Michael from Massachusetts”, Michael Chiklis, star of The Shield. Though they share a certain look, Michael Wilcox is the real deal, a cop-turned-lawyer that specializes in the kind of cases that make headlines. Unlike our other Bizzy Life lawyers, this is the guy you call if you get into trouble on a night out with Charlie Sheen, or they find a dead hooker in your trunk…read more

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