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Reporting From Argentina

Buenos Aires – Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of Argentinians clogged the streets of central Buenos Aires to mark the day, 35 years ago, when they lost their freedom to a military junta. Mothers of some of the 30,000 disappeared hoisted … Continue reading

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Is Your Workplace A Community Or A Business?

If you are a Warrior in the workplace, you care more about getting things done than your popularity level in the company.  But unfortunately, there are seldom enough Warriors in the workplace, and a high percentage of non-Warrior managers prefer … Continue reading

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Should Electing A President Be Like Hiring A CEO?

I’m pleased to welcome back our favorite guest blogger, Ray Link.  Since Ray is originally a “Florida Republican”,  I suspect we have disagreed about previous elections, the value of a golf tan, bass versus trout fishing, and other crucial issues. … Continue reading

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Are You Ruthless But Gracious?

One of the toughest things about managing a business is judging just how tough to be!  It’s easy to be “too easy” – avoid conflict, and ultimately build a mediocre operation because you fail to make the tough choices.  Often managers … Continue reading

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Are You A Control Freak?

Entrepreneurs are typically micro-managers.  They believe nobody can do the job better than they can, and accordingly they often control every aspect of their organization to create their ideal vision for the company. And often that is when an entrepreneur is faced with … Continue reading

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